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Cash Flow Management

Need help with unpredictable cash flow and poor
financial visibility? You are not alone. Many
businesses face these challenges – reduced
profitability and increasing financial problems.
We are here to help with our cash flow management
consulting services. Gain control of your cash flow
with expert financial consulting by LothbrokThree.

With strategic minds, we provide scalable solutions
that achieve valuable results. Our professional
management consulting promotes sustainable
business growth. We empower your business by
providing a strategic cash flow plan.Thus, we help
you make informed financial decisions.

About Us

Our Values

Cash Flow Experts: Navigating Dynamic Finance Management to Build Stability

A team of cash flow consultants is serious about solving the financial problems of their clients

The flow of cash of a company is a constant source of anxiety. It is what usually keeps a business from unlocking its full potential. Our cash flow management consulting company is driven by the relentless pursuit of cash flow management excellence for our clients.

We combine our expertise with empathy. Our consulting team is not about numbers. By understanding your problems, we tailor our solutions to your unique needs. We transform complex financial data into actionable insights.

Our actionable insights are not based on assumptions. We do not provide theoretical models and possibilities. Our cash flow consultants deliver financial solutions that deliver measurable results.

Partner with us and experience the difference. It is not just about numbers. Our cash flow management strategies are about sustainable growth, sustainability, and success.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Services

Professional Financial Management Consulting for Financial Stability

Free up finances and have more funds to invest in growth initiatives. Our financial management consulting solutions will address your pain points. Also, we reduce financial risk and enhance your operation efficiency. Our experienced financial professionals can help you gain control of your finances. With robust finance services, we will help you achieve your financial goals.

The cash flow cycle of a company is presented in a diagram to show the growth in finance
Cash Flow Analysis and Modeling

We will analyze your current financial position. By doing this, we identify key cash flow drivers and room for improvement. Our cash flow modeling service develops accurate financial forecasts and projections. Also, our consultants assess potential risks and growth opportunities.

The working capital of a company is used to purchase fixed assets such as office buildings and supplies
Working Capital Management Optimization

We will identify operation inefficiencies and optimize your cash conversion cycles. Our strategies will optimize your inventory management, accounts payable and receivable processes, and payment terms. With this, you can free up money to reinvest in your business.

A line graph showing the cash flow budget of a business for the succeeding months
Cash Flow Budgeting and Forecasting

We will work with you to develop a comprehensive cash flow budget. Our cash flow budgeting will enable you to track income and expenses. Additionally, we will create a report that will provide real-time insights. Our forecast anticipates market fluctuations and growth plans.

A bar graph showing the difference between the financial performance of your company and the industry
Benchmarking and Industry Analysis

We will study your financial performance and compare it to industry standards. Benchmarking and industry analysis will give you a better understanding of where you stand in the market. With this, we will identify areas of improvement and help you make informed decisions.

Two companies closing a merger with the necessary financial resources and in compliance with the law
Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory

We have professional financial advisors who will provide cash flow management solutions for mergers and acquisitions. Our consultants guarantee that you have the needed financial resources for the merger.

A checklist of the potential risks that a company may encounter with their finances
Risk Mitigation

Our fraud and risk management will protect your financial data from threats. LothbrokThree understands the importance of protecting your finances from financial risks. We are here to assess and mitigate these potential risks.


Cash Flow Management Consulting for
Different Financial Needs

A graduation cap indicating the success of an educational institution with a robust cash flow system
A logo of a successful agricultural company that uses working capital management optimization and risk mitigation
A new server for an IT company with an optimized budget due to a cash flow management consulting company
Information Technology
A mining company worker with complete safety gear and equipment due to a strong risk mitigation
Metal and Mining
A financial institution with a strong fixed asset in the form of a building due to an efficient cash flow management
Financial Services
Building materials are transported by a crane that is newly bought due to an optimized cash flow budgeting
Engineering, building materials and construction
Chemicals that are up to industry standards are effortlessly bought due to strong cash flow analysis
A forestry company that uses a cash flow management consulting company with its new land investment
Paper, forest products and packaging

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